Other satellites with mini dish?

Hi everyone, I have a spare 57cm mini dish that i want to experiment with. My main dish is an 80cm mesh dish with 3 lnbs fixed on 13, 19.2 and 28.2 degrees with the prime focus on 19.2. My system works fine but i would like to experiment furthur.

My first question is what other satellites i can pick up with a sky 57 cm dish? Is the 7E possible from where i can pick up the ebu broadcasts with my nexus? Or can i fix an extra lnb on my big dish to accomodate 7E, 13E, 19.2E and 28.2E? Or perhaps use my sky dish for 28.2 and realign the big dish to receive the other 3 perhaps and if so on which satellite shall i focus the prime focus lnb?

I live in the Kent area (Bromley).
I cannot have motorised as my system has 3 tuners (2 Nokia 9800 and Nexus) and it is very convenient to receive from different satellites simultaneously being both foreigners.
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A minidish can pick up the stronger channels on 19E and 13E in the south of England. I would think that it's too small for 7E but if it's easy to adjust why not try it?

You'll find that the signal will disappear in moderate rain however. There really isn't any substitute for size ;) you know.