PACE DS440 problems



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Has anyone else had problems with the new-ish PACE DS440NB?
I put one in for a client three weeks ago and was surprised to see some channels missing.
They were Sky Cinema 1 & 2 and the History Channel, now on 11604V Eurobird.
As the metered signals were very strong it seemed that the tuner must be faulty.
I returned today with a replacement box and the same channels were missing most of the time. Only one attempt in four brought the channel up, the rest of time 'no satellite signal being received'
I put my meter on the input and got the following:

Eurobird transponders, two above, two below the problem frequency.

D6S 11565V SS5 PQ 97
D7S 11585H SS5 PQ 99

D8S 11604V SS5 PQ 92

D9S 11623H SS5 PQ 98
D10S 11642V SS 5 PQ 99

The signals are very high picture quality (PQ) readings indicating that the problem is overloading or interference on 11604V. Signal strength (SS) was on the low side.
High readings like this are normal here, however, and are always like this on Astra 2 south beams.

Antenna: 1.6m prime focus, Invacom Twin C120 TWF-031 Invacom adjustable feed ADF-120.

I tried the same pace 440 on my own 1.8m antenna and got intermittent 'no signal' on Sky One.

Can anyone with knowledge of how tuners work shed any light as to why this is happening?
I gather others have reported the same elswhere.
It would appear that the tuner in the new model is not good enough for fringe reception.