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pace prima box..knackered?


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1m Orbital Motorised Dish, Fixed 65cm Fortec Dish on Astra 1, Fixed 45cm Minidish on Hotbird, Pace MSS500, TM-5600D CI USB Super, Nokia 9800s, Skystar USB 2, Grundig Sky Digibox, Manhattan Plaza XT-M
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High Wycombe, Nr London, UK
I have a Pace Prima analogue stb.. I think it's knackered but I'm really not sure.

My 19.2e dish is perfectly aligned and i get most channels with no sparklies when I connect my Grundig GSR1MKII to the dish.

But when I connect the pace prima all I get are sparklies, bad reception and the such.. It is nothing to do with the connection between the TV/stb as it's on SCART and I get a perfect picture on the boxes menu screens.

Also, when I tune a frequency in (get an acceptable picture) and press ok.. the menu disappears off screen and the signal worsens, like the box changes the signal buy a few Mhz/Ghz..

Sorry I can't be a bit more specific..I'm writing this from memory of when i was tinkering with the box a few weeks ago... might bother digging out the box again and writing a more detailed description later..

Can anyone be of any help from this little information? Thanks guys :)