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Pacific DVD Players

These are the cheap ones available for £30 from Asda. They get good reviews and play all types of disc.

Two questions for any of you who know about these machines:-

1) What features does the 1002 have that the 1001 hasnt? It seems to me the only difference is an LED display

2) Do these output a true PAL signal which enables an NTSC disc to be copied onto VHS?

Any other comments on these machines would be welcome. They have been selling like hotcakes so some of you must own one.

Thanks in advance.


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It might be a good idea to do a search on http://www.videohelp.com/dvdplayers and google groups to see if you can get answers to you questions there.

Also if your NTSC disks are bought ones I would make sure that there is a macrovision un-enable code for it, all cheap DVD players might have region free codes, but not so many have macrovision removal ones.