Panasonic DMR-XS380 odd now and next issue


Nov 18, 2012
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Bucks, UK
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Freesat FTA, two dishes pointed at 28.2E, 1 with quad LNB and one dual LNB feeding one Panasonic DMR-XS380 and one Samsung S7800 with spare feeds for one other room.
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Bucks, UK
Hi All

Not sure how many of you have the above box but here goes.

Bought this box last year as needed to switch to digital and freeview is hit and miss and wanted something with a DVD drive.

Had one problem where it just came up no service on a Saturday evening and the weather was perfectly calm and the other box was ok, letting it shut down completely and then booting it restored the service but I got it booked into a local Panasonic repair centre who replaced the tuner under warranty and all good on that front so far since.

However noticed an odd behaviour if am watching a film or TV program late in the evening, if I'm on one of the ITV channels and use the now and next and land on ITV Nightscreen, the screen goes black and I have to go into the EPG or hard drive programme listing and then come out again to restore it.

I flashed it with the latest firmware 1.41 shortly after buying it but this only updates the optical drive and there's been no further update but the machine is connected to a wireless access point which links wirelessly to my router and is set to check for firmware updates every day at 5, I gather it checks both Panasonic's servers via the 'net and the engineering channel via the satellite feed when it does this.

Anyone seen this behaviour from the box?