Panasonic Tube TV service menu ?

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Jan 1, 2000
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The green has more or less disappeared on out TX-32PK20 tv in the last week.

There is no gun adjustment in this set and so I suppose its finally going to the dump. There should however be a service menu on these sets in order to improve the colour slightly before I get another TV in place.

The instructions on many sites are as follows

Set BASS to min
Set TREBLE to max
Press & hold on Front Panel: F, -/V & INDEX on Remote

RED/GREEN to go up/down through settings
YELLOW/BLUE to adjust settings
STR to store info
N to exit.

but these don't work on the TV I have. Is there another access ?


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Jan 5, 2006
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Have a play with it before dumping it:



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Jun 3, 2006
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With the knob you can only adjust the level of red and compensate nothing else, raising or lowering the red.
Entering through MENU, in several Panasonic is so.
In the old 36 "100Hz Quintrix (TX-w36d3dp) I keep it so.

To put hand to green, you would have to locate the wiring diagram and adjust values to give more level and compensate for the problem, it is clear that it is breakdown.
It all depends on the knowledge in these subjects (TV), hardly I remember, the study with valves, I recycle transistor and integrated circuit riding repeti TV family.

The old 36 "TV is a good repair and let my wife use it to watch football lie I see any movie Star Trek.
Looking over, the power stage green have it on the plate Y, but usually control this on another board, if I remember correctly, you will see a wire / tape with only 3 wires colors (red/green/blue).

If you have measuring equipment, check reference voltages, if you're measuring equipment, there is only reset the potentiometers / trimer / adjustable resistors, making reference where it is and only touches the corresponding color that gives problems.
Con el mando solo puedes ajustar el nivel de rojo y compensar nada mas, subiendo o bajando el rojo.
Entrando por MENU, en varios Panasonic es asi.
En el viejo 36" Quintrix 100Hz (TX-W36D3DP) que mantengo es asi.

Para meterle mano al verde, tendrias que localizar el esquema electrico y reajustar valores para dar mas nivel y compensar el problema, esta claro que es averia.
Todo depende de los conocimientos en estos temas (TV), casi ni me acuerdo, los estudie con valvulas, me recicle con transistores y repeti con circuitos integrados montando TV a la familia.

El viejo 36" es un buen TV que se deja reparar y lo usa mi mujer para ver el futbol mientas veo alguna pelicula de Star Trek.
Mirando por encima, la etapa de potencia del verde la tienes en la placa Y, pero normalmente el control esta en otra placa, si no recuerdo mal, veras un cable/cinta con solo 3 hilos de colores (rojo/verde/azul).

Si tienes equipo de medida, revisa tensiones de referencia, si no tienes equipo de medida, solo queda reajustar los potenciometros/trimer/resistencias ajustables, toma referencia de donde esta y solo toca el que corresponde al color que da problemas.
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