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Parcel Farce


Post Meister
My Satellite Setup
2xPace 430N, 1xNokia MM9800, 1xNokia 80cm Sat Dish, 1xGibertini 120cm, Big Fat Furry Puss
My Location
Berlin, Germany.
My Panasonic 30 died: well, actually its not technically dead - it just won't come out of Standby. No one seems to care.

Anyway, an old mate has one that does come out of Standby and I took the liberty of asking him for it (he's gone all SKY+ now).

ONE MONTH ago he sent it to me. One week ago I did a parcel track and found out why I still don't have it.O-st

Parcel Force or Parcel Farce - you decide. Start at the bottom of the list.

Have Fun,


24-09-2004 08:25 Delivery Agent - GERMANY Parcel in warehouse
23-09-2004 10:19 Delivery Agent - GERMANY Returned to sender
23-09-2004 10:17 Delivery Agent - GERMANY Parcel in warehouse
09-09-2004 11:57 Delivery Agent - GREECE Returned to sender
07-09-2004 06:56 Delivery Agent - GREECE Insuffuicient / Incorrect address
26-08-2004 00:15 International HubLeft origin country
26-08-2004 00:01 International HubArrived at outward Office of Exchange
25-08-2004 18:29 London Central DepotCollected from customer (Export item accepted into network)
25-08-2004 14:59 London Central DepotCollected from customer

I'll let you know if I finally receive anything!