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Can someone please advise me where I can obtain patch software to patch my Technomate 1000D receiver. Also when I have done this step how do I actually then receive the stations that I currently cant see. Any help would be appreciated


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Courtesy of A & echelon on satdudez

Check your pm mate

1. Download to your pc the TM loader 1.5 or loader as required depending on your stb and the bin file from darkman.
2. connect the NULL MODEM serial cable to your pc and stb.
3. Open tm loader 1.5 and load /browse the right file.
4. Your stb must have power/switched on from the back (standby mode)
4.Click on connect on the tm loader and power on your TM 1500
Loading starts, wait till it finishes ( writing and erasing)
5. Power off, connect scart or whatever power on

turn the patch on?
You do this by going to Menu, then System Information, then press 2 0 0 4.
You should then have Cas Menu and Biss Menu at the bottom of the screen.
If you can't see Cas Menu and Biss Menu, then the patch isn't turned on

type 2004 in the system information menu and it will switch the patch off
and you can use your cam, reverse the procedure to switch the patch back on

difficulties do arise when using a cam when the patch is active,
you should disable the patch to make the cam & card accessible to the reciever.
Type 2004 in the system information menu and it will switch the patch off
and you can use your cam,
reverse to switch it back on.

to check
When the Cass & Biss buttons are displayed the patch is On,
and when the patch is Off, they are not displayed



for Technomate 1000 series use *01* & *11*
make sure you use the correct window as there is 2 for tps 1 for 007c00 other is for aes

as you have noticed there are 2 sets of codes,
the first 16 digits go on the first line and the next 16 digits go on the second line,
when thats done save it,
come out of the cas menu then turn the receiver off for about 30seconds,
then turn it back on,then all should be ok,
remember the keys change everyday.

AES keys for today, opened up CASS and found the TPS section with the four lines,
with as got a mixture of numbers and letters.
I can input the numbers but can't seem to input letters ?

press the a-z button on the remote and set of keys will appear with letters and numbers


If you do a factory reset you will lose all your stored sats and channels
if you do a factory reset it will not wipe the Patch.
you can turn patch On and Off and it will not effect anything you have stored
Go to Menu select system information and just type 2004 to turn patch On or Off

create a favourites list first m8. then you can group them in whatever folder you want to, and rename them

use a NULL MODEM CABLE to connect to your stb , preferably from a proper com port , and not an adapter !!!


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I tried this out on my Technomate 1500CI but all i get is reciever is not connected message, i have done exactly as desribed. When i do Autodetect on com port in loader it flashes between 1 and 4, the reciever was patched at shop i bought from, but i wanna be able to achieve this myself. Any help to get me further along will be appreciated.