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pc monitor as TV screen


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Hi. first post --- modern terminology lost on me -- took me 5 mins to find what I hope is the right place to post! -- Health warning over.:)

OK. I am about to return to Portugal with a Comag free to air camping sat receiver & an AOC lcd monitor (that is now redundant. pc wise).
My house is on solar only & I prefer 12 volt wherever possible. The monitor has an external power supply with a 12volt output so it seems logical to plug the monitor into the (nominal) 12 volt solar output..............IF only I knew what I needed to link the monitor with the sat receiver. -- it must be possible surely? -
I know I can get a tv tuner as i used to have one in my old pc......but I wont be watching terrestial tv so why would I need a tuner? -- (Or a new lcd tv for that matter -- which I note do not have external power supplies so i bet it's a swine to go 12 volt direct,even though they are low voltage devices).
Can anyone get their expert head around this conundrum please?

I might even offer free camping for life -- in the warm Algarve mountain rain :D


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If it is a standard monitor, then you will need a either PC with a TV tuner card as an interface between it and the receiver or there are some RGB conerters about go to www.maplin.co.uk and search for VGA Box + , it is £30 or so.