PCMCIA Extension .. ???



Hi ..

I have the Galaxis DVB-Sat PCI card , which is one
of the TechnoTrend and siemens family .. and in addition ..
I have the CI Extension adapter ..
Now my question is : Can we use this Extension to
upgrade the CI modules instead of using the Notebooks .. ??
IS there a specific software for it . ?? and HOW ??
Or we are forced to buy another PCMCIA adapter inorder
to upgrade the Cams .. ?? and if yes .. where to find these
adapters .. ??



I don't think so! The software that is used to update the CAM must have been written to address the pcmcia bus but the CI module is connected to the DVB card.

In the past I have seen PCMCIA adapters for desktop pc's but not recently but they are proably still available. Why not use an old notebook pc?

However, I am not sure about the long term aspect of this method anyway. The CAM's use flash memory that has a lifetime of about 1000 re-writes and the CAM costs £80. Furthermore rewritable CAM's are no longer available. The alternative is to use a wafer card which costs from £8 to £15. You need a programmer as well but that costs about £60.



Well .. I have got all the equipments that
you mentioned . And actually I have 2 CI cams
with old versions .. I want to upgrade them
to the new versions like 4.6SE etc ...

If you can help me to find any kind of stores
that sell these type of adapters, I will be
very appreciated ..

The other thing .. Is there any kind of software
around , to make the DVB-Sat PCI card to
emulate Irde*o packages .. since it is directly
connected to a PCI bus .. I have seen the
WINDVBLIVE software that is written for this
family of cards .. and it has very nice features
but it doesnt have built in Emulater ..

Any idea ?????