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Hi guys, i am thinking to upgrade to Pentium-4 but as you may know, they dont have ISA slots (for the CI card). As i menioned previously, I was told that you didnt need to put it in the slot, as long as the 2 ribbon connections were on. I have tested this, and it works.

However, obviously, the ribbons are too short (20cm) to move the CI card outside the computer. 2 ribbons (40way and 34 way). Does anyone know where I can get these leads (ABout 1 meter)?

Also, whenever i try to use Viaccess channels recently, I get an illegal operation from the pentavsion software (and closes). Does this mean my CAM is faulty? (I have Via Red 478 but i think it did a FTA upgrade)- I happens on Multivision channels on 13E


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Hi Aseman,

You should be able to get 500mm cables off the shelf, but there are loads of companies who make ribbon cables to order and for not very much money.

If you have a problem with the CAM, I would be more inclined to blame the PentaVision software than the CAM, I have had to give up with mine, as it won't utilise the switching facility on the freecam.

I have communicated the shortcomings of the software to PentaMedia, but whether they will eventually come up with solutions is another matter.