Performance of MCBS "Universal" STB for DD DTH



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Dear Friends,

I am going to buy a DTH system soon.

As Im interested in locating more satellites apart from NSS6 I enquired from MCBS Ahmedabad(official supplier of DD DTH equipment )about the Dish size and the LNBs etc needed to receive more satellites .They informed me the following :

"For viewing both Ku-Band & C Band channels having two seperate 90cm Ku-Band antenna, one with Ku-Band LNB and one with C-Band LNB. then use disec switch to give two input one output in single receiver. This combination will provide more then 100 channels national & international."

I enquired from Zee Dishtv dealers about 90 cm Ku band Dish but they informed me that they had only 60 cm Dishes .However MCBS informed me that they could supply 90cm Ku band Dish along with Universal STB .

If anyone has used the Universal STB as well as Dish TV's Zenega STB ,then please let me know whether Universal STB for DD Direct DTH is of the same quality as that of Zenega STB or not ?Universal STB as claimed by MCBS is the best model they have and has 2 CI clots for inserting smart cards to view pay channels .

Secondly,if I buy Universal STB will I be able to view Zee Dish TV and future Star TV also if I subscribe to them using Universal STB or not?

After seeing negative views for Zee's DTH system and blackmailing by Dish TV I don't think I'll go for Dish TVs Zenega STB.

The MCBS website shows that their STBs are built in collaboration with leading International companies including Scientific Atlanta among others.

Any help in this regard would be much appreciated.