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Is anyone out there who has had experience with the following old (analogue) Echostars: SR8700, AD3600IP and DVR7000?

I've been considering getting either the AD3600IP or DVR7000 (second-hand, of course), but would like to know more about how they rank against each other, especially in terms of (analogue) picture quality.

I've had both the SR8700 and the LT8700, and I found the picture quality on the LT8700 shocking (i.e. awful O-no) compared to its predecessor, the SR8700, which produced a very crystal clear picture.

From the short reviews I've read so far on the net, I sense that the DVR7000 wasn't that much of a big hit, for some reason. Even so, would you say that the analogue picture quality is as good as (or better than) on the AD3600IP? Is the PQ on either of them as good as on the SR8700? Which of the machines runs faster?

Thanks for your advice.


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I can only compare the SR8700 with the AD3000ip, and can say that certainly the old dedicated analogue receiver is somewhat better in that department than the analogue output of the AD3000ip

But the digital quality of the AD3000ip is second to none compared to other receivers I have, with the possible exception of my Triple Dragon.



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I owned the DVR7000 and can tell about it from my experience.

The receiver is pretty sensitive, not worse than other tuners on the market.

The tuner can't go high enough in symbolrates so you can not receive the DigitalAlb package for an example.

The receiver makes pretty much noise from the fan inside, you could change it but void warranty.

Overall a very good receiver if you know the limitations above.

When we talk about the AD3600ADIP, silver color, is a much more modern receiver when it comes to the tuner.

First of all it can go much higher in symbolrates so you will not have any problems with DigitalAlb package.

The receiver doesn't have any hardrive so it is pretty much noisefree.

The 3600 and 7000 is really based on the same core, except that the 3600 have a more modern tuner and other things.

Do remember that both receivers can't accept Diseqc 1.1. or 1.2 or USALS for that matter, only 1.0