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I have just fitted my DVB-s card and thought i'd test it by connecting to a 80cm channel master dish. I haven't fitted the dish on the wall yet but attempted to align it propped up against the wall to see if it worked. After aligning the dish ( as well as i can just now) using a maxview satellite finder i managed to view a few channels but could not get any sound at all. Is this likely to be caused by my makeshift dish position and improper alignment, or if i get a picture should i get sound. My connections etc on the card seem ok.
I will be fitting this dish on the wall within the next couple of days but thought i'd ask the question first.



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May 1, 1999
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Ahhh Scottie, a man after my own heart, couldn't wait to get the thing up on the wall. :) I'm not sure whether the MultiDec software comes complete with all of the correct PID settings, if you go into the channel /transponder setup menu, check that there is an audio pid entered.

You can always go to and check out the audio pids from there. There was a necessity on the older Hauppauge cards to connect a jumper from the card to the sound card, either externally or internally, not sure whether this is still the case.



I had fitted the internal sound cables on to the card but they didn't work ( i have no idea why). I have now fitted the external cable,which plugs into the input of my sound card and the sound is perfect. Incidently, the dish is now on the wall and i have managed to fit two lnb's, one each for Astra and Hotbird with a diseQc switch. So far so good! All this skulking around the board for weeks reading the posts seems to have paid dividends.
I am off to download multidec.
Thanx for the help