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pink ffff problems



problems with p+. I always get a ffff message when i turn my nokia 9802s with irdeto 1.05 cam on. if i take out the card and reinsert the card it works for some hour then i have to switch off/on my reciver again. Any suggestions or better codz. I heard that nova is going to change to irdeto2. Do i have to buy a new cam or can i uppgrade the old one, if yes what do i need?? Anyone out there...


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I've heard others talking about problems with Nova using pirate cards with a Nokia, but don't know the specifics I'm afraid.

Re. Nova: even if they change to ACS v2.1 this should not require you to change the CAM. At least, not in theory. Both the original Irdeto CAM and the new Euro CAM should work with the new version and older versions (ACS 1.2/4/6/8) of Irdeto.

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