Pioneer to launch Freeview digital set-top box



Arriving in the UK in September is a new digital terrestrial set-top box decoder from Pioneer. The DBR-TF100GB is likely to retail for somewhere around the same price as rival boxes already on the market, but features step-up features like a screen saver and the ability to capture and store on-screen images. It's also reckoned to be one of the fastest digiboxes around, with channel changing and programme information accessing apparently achievable 'instantaneously'.

The TF100GB is also equipped with two Scarts, as well as an RF loopthrough. The onboard timer, meanwhile, can hold up to ten programmes, while the video capture option means you can, say, 'photograph' on onscreen address or phone number for later reference.

Another neat feature is a screen saver that comes in during radio listening, moving the channel's logo around the screen to prevent screen burn. And a big thumbs up must go, too, to the inclusion of a digital audio bitstream output, making the unit futureproof in the event of any of the terrestrial digital broadcasters starting to deliver Dolby Digital audio streams.