Plaza, Nokia motor

My Satellite Setup
Manhattan ST 550, Nokia 9800s, 1.2mtr dish controlled by Uniden, SuperJack, Nokia 85cm motor driven SatScan dish. Plus Skystar2, and many other bits from analogue days.
My Location
Isle of Wight
Hi help please, just received my Plaza ST 550, I've hooked it up to my Nokia Satscan motorised dish, which works fine with my Nokia 9800s, but Plaza will not motor dish, it says it's motoring, but it's not, if I set it with Nokia on Hotbird, then connect to PLaza, I can download channels fine.
Would I be right in thinking Satscan (I think it's a Stab) is not compatible with Plaza. If so would a Moteck SG1200 possibly be the answer.
Any advice would be appreaciated....Chris.