PLease help flash chip!!!


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hello guys, could somebody please get me out of this mess?i thought it worked but i guess i was wrong. well, at first after i connected A19 and A20 between themselves i got ID Sanyo something, but when i tried to erase it it gave me error and after that i cant get ID anymore. i tried reading another SST 39VF160 but without success. i cant get no ID.
programmer is willem 4.5, 0,97ja software. on willem 4pin switch: 1,2,4 - OFF/ 3 - ON.12pin switch set as for device: Device/Flash 16bit (LV)/SST39LF/VFx00/39LF/VF160.

On adapter all jumpers are set for 29Fx00, jumper for 3.6v is open too. i also apart from A19 and A20 i also connected between themselves A22 and A21, is that correct? is it possible that there is damage in some sectors of the flash and thats why i cant get no ID. or maybe im doing something wrong? thanx in advance. here are some pics