Please urgent help for Fortec Star FSMCI-6000 needed



Hi everybody,
I just acquired a Fortec Star FSMCI-6000 and I'm eager to know everything about it. I'm also a newbie in the UCAS and CAM stuff. After hours on the net, I still have tons of Qs. So, pleeeease, try to answer all or part of them the most comprehensive way possible.

Here are first my receiver data:
Boot ver: 2.01
Appli ver: 3.04
CA: 3.02

Here are my Questions:
1-1/ What is CA? And is it Upgradeable?
1-2/ What are the latest versions available now? And where to get them?
1-3/ Which type of cable to use? (straight or null modem)
1-4/ Which software to use for upgrading these versions? (best one if many)

The UCAS Info is:
H/W: 1.5
S/W: MR 1.070
Loader: 1.0

Concerning the embedded UCAS:
2-1/ What does the H/W version tell us about the embedded UCAS?
2-2/ What is the Loader? Can we upgrade it? What version & where to get it?
2-3/ Can we upgrade the UCAS to Magic? To MR 1.081? to MRevolution? (version?) What is the best choice?
2-4/ What devices do we need to upgrade? (Loader, Fun Cards 6 or 5 OR Serial Cable?)
2-5/ What software do we need to upgrade the UCAS? (best one if many)
2-6/ What files do we need & where to get them? (I'm confused bw pentas, tetras and so on…)

And about Channel editing:
3-1/ What cable to use?
3-2/ What is the best software to use for editing, sorting and backing up the Satellite, channel and favourite lists?

I hope this is not much to ask, but I'm sure that many newbies like me would like to get these info. So I guess this will make a very useful sticky.

Thank you for your assistance in advance



Why nobody replied??? Is it that nobody has any idea about this model or is it that it's so rare that nobody bothered responding???


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