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plzzzz help

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i have technosat 6000+ what channel does show premirship footbal and which software is good for premier channels.thank you very much


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Hi ridoggy,
welcome to the forum.
I haven't found any up to date software for the Technosat 6000 series, so I doubt if you can patch it and get Premiere.
I have read that your receiver has 2 CI (Common Interface) slots, so it can take a Cam.
Probably your best option would be to get a Diablo light cam and a Cas 3+ programmer, around £90 for both.
If you have found working software for your receiver, there are 2 ways to access Premiere sport channels, depending on your receiver.
The first is that the channels scan in as Unnamed, so you just scan them in and access them as normal.
The second way is to access them through the Portal, this is an interactive channel, that allows you to choose the channel you want to view, by selecting a button on your receivers remote control.
There are several portals, Sport, Film and mature content.
But you might have to manually set up the channels, and imput the PID details, before you can access them.
To find all Premiere channel details have a look here: