Polar Mount & Actuator. spacers/washers



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Hi, I've got a question about how I should setup the Polar Mount and a 10" actuator.

I've got spacers for it, and I'm using both but it's still not lined up. I'm not sure if I'm worrying for nothing though......Should it be straight from one part of the mount to the other moving part or is it ok to be squint as long as it's not touching the mount?

I wish the weather was better for doing this!


Triax 88cm, Triax Polar Mount & 10" Actuator, 0.2 LNB, Dreambox 7020-s, 200GB hd.

edit, update:

I had one of the folded bits of metal on upside down, I've got it the same as the instructions now! hehe

I didnt notice the diagram had a dotted line instead of solid....so the folded dog ear sort of bit was on upside down. It's on the right way up now and the actuators sitting much better now.

I'm still unsure how straight the actuator should be on the horizontal. (horizontal in relation to the polar mount) I'm just trusting that the spacers given for each nut (2 spacers, 1 for each nut) on the actuator defaults to the right distance(s) from the mount. I'm probably splitting hairs, but I'm wondering if a washer in the wrong place could spoil my chances of following "the arc".