Police arrest man disguised as schoolgirl



Japanese police have arrested a man who allegedly robbed a woman of $160 while disguised as a schoolgirl.

Police say Yoshifumi Moriwaki, 24, has admitted snatching the handbag of the 19-year old student from her bicycle basket as she was riding home in Midori.

He allegedly dressed as a schoolgirl by wearing a navy blue miniskirt and a white top with a sailor's collar.

Police said Moriwaki rode up behind the woman on his bicycle and grabbed her bag as he overtook her.

He was also said to be wearing a shoulder-length brown wig.

Midori police have been on alert after five reported purse snatchings by robbers dressed in schoolgirl uniforms since late March.

Officers arrested Moriwaki after they spotted him in a miniskirt and a navy blue cardigan near a local train station. Police said he has now confessed to four other incidents.
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