Police contemplate using stand-up scooter



Police officers have been given a taste of what could be the future of law enforcement - a stand-up scooter.

The Segway Human Transporter - HT for short - has a maximum speed of 12.5mph and was road tested at the annual Police Federation conference in Blackpool.

One officer described it as a "flying lawnmower" but others were more impressed, saying it could allow beat bobbies to speed to the scene of a crime and patrol more quickly than on foot.

Pc Neil Parsons, 29, who took the machine out on the beat near Blackpool seafront, said: "I expect people would probably take the mickey out of us to start with but I'm sure as they got used to it they would see it as an everyday thing. Most of them will probably just want to have a go on it themselves.

"It's fun to drive, very easy to use, it means you can get to places much more quickly and we can spend more time where we are supposed to be, although I suppose it would mean getting less exercise."

The standing platform is eight inches above the ground which would also allow officers a clearer view of crowds.

"You can see more and people can also see us more easily," said Pc Parsons.

Makers said the machine is already being used successfully by police in Atlanta in the United States.

They have thought of the danger of the scooters being stolen when officers get off them and they cannot be used without a special electronic key .

The heavy duty version used by police costs £5,609 and a consumer version priced at £2,100 is expected to be on the market in the UK soon.



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What happens if you are travelling at speed (12.5 mph - snigger) and you hit a kerb of say 5 inches, or you suddenly encounter a downhill slope ?