POLL : As encryption has got tougher to crack in recent weeks .......?



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I ask the opinion of the forum members which CAM do you think is best equipped for the future in terms iof its hardware design / programmability - easiest for 'developers' to work with,
to tackle the new encrypytion methods which are evidently becoming more difficuly to break i.e the likes of Conax , Viaccess2, and Nagravision2, Cryptoworks.

I would like everyones opinions but especially that of the more knowledgeable people out there - the 'C' programmers and assembler language programmers, and those people that have programmed CAM firmware etc - and especially those who have written code to decrypt the various encryption methods.

Thinking especially of Conax Nagravision Viaccess2 methods ......

Is there a CAM that is future proof do you think ?

All opinions greatly appreciated especially from you coders out there ......