Poll finds many online retailers are ‘breaking the law’

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Jun 26, 2007
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A poll by Computeractive magazine has uncovered some interesting findings regarding consumers’ rights when shopping online.
Out of the 3,500 people asked, 55 per cent of consumers have been incorrectly told to return faulty goods, while 54 per cent did not understand their online rights.
Paul Allen, editor of Computeractive, says about the findings, “What this research reveals unequivocally is that UK shoppers need to be better informed of their online consumer rights. There are specific rules to protect online shoppers that some retailers abuse.”
Bad Apple
Among the companies that the Computeractive found to be in breach of online consumer protection laws was Apple. Research found that Apple’s online UK store was “contrary to the Distance Selling Regulations.”
In light of the results, Computeractive is encouraging consumers to sign up to its Fair and Square campaign.
The campaign has been set up to highlight the issues the poll has raised, and will hopefully encourage online retailers to sign up to the Consumer Confidence Charter. Companies that do this and meet the stringent criteria will be able to display the Fair and Square logo on their sites.
If you want more information on shopping safely online, then download this handy guide.