Pop Idol reject exposed as male escort



A 42-year-old Irish man who tried to pass himself off as a 26-year-old on last Saturday's Pop Idol show has been exposed as a £100-a-night male escort.

Rejected contestant Brendan Kilkenny describes himself in lonely hearts adverts as a "handsome, debonair gentleman".

He is offering himself for hire in London and takes women out to the cinema or for dinner, but says he doesn't offer s_x.

He said: "I charge £100 but I never spend the night and I've never been tempted. I want to provide my services in England."

Mr Kilkenny sang a medley of 1980s hits on the TV show before giving Simon Cowell an earbashing for being rejected.

He says his lonely hearts adverts produce three dates a month and admits nobody has asked to sleep with him and few want a second outing. "Maybe the ones who didn't phone me back didn't fancy me. But I'd be surprised if a fair few of them were not attracted to my looks, style or personality."

He told The Sun he was determined to be bigger than the Cheeky Girls, who became million-sellers after being rejected on Popstars: The Rivals. "I'll be a megastar - just you wait and see."