Posters speak their drinking warning



Posters which play corny chat-up lines are being posted in pub toilets as a warning against drinking too much.

The group behind the advert said they wanted to show what happens when someone may appear more attractive than they are after a few drinks.

Each poster has a built-in speaker which plays a pre-recorded one-liner when a person walking past triggers a sensor.

Jean Coussins, chief executive of the Portman Group, a body which promotes sensible drinking, said: "We want them to surprise and engage people and to make them think about their drinking."

Researchers at the Portman Group, which is funded by the alcohol drinks industry, searched the internet to find the worst chat-up lines.

The posters are the latest stage in its anti-drunkenness campaign called "If you do do drink, don't do drunk."

One of the adverts which will appear in the ladies, says: "When they made the alphabet they should have put U and I together." It features the close-up of a man wearing a studded dog collar above the words: "If you do do drink, don't do him."

Another which will go up in the gents shows a grey-haired woman with protruding teeth and says "Excuse me. Do you mind if I stare at your face a minute, I want to remember it for my dreams."

The talking posters will appear in 25 venues throughout Britain, including the Slug and Lettuce chain. Non-speaking versions will also appear in 200 pubs and clubs.