Powersky 8210 and neotion video link software problem

My Satellite Setup
Powersky PS8210SKV
Home made Media Center (3.5Ghz - 1Gb Ram -2x250Gb HD - Geforce 7800)
Philips Wireless Home Cinema
LG 32" LCD screen (HDTV 720i)
My Location
I bought a powersky PS8210CSK with USB and I found the neotion software to connect and stream mpeg-2 datas to my mediacenter. It doesn't work as I try to install it and it's not detected (the USB device is detected but is unknown, the driver provided with the neotion software is correctly installed), I've heard of a different firmware which could identify the neotion chip as it has to be but maybe a special driver (or other piece of software) exists. The link provided in the user's manual is broken and I can't seem to find any other official website.