PPV on FreeView!

Hi all my spies on the internet tell me that digital company SDN (who supplied the services on-view and ITV select ) are trying to launch a PPV service on Freeview. Details are still sketchy but find out more on http://dvbcomment.com

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Thanks for that Digital Baby, just had a look at the statement, I hope they have a well cushioned arse though, because it could be very likely that they'll be landing on it if they try what they are saying.

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And just how would a PPV channel become viewable to those that pay and have one of the new fangled FTV boxes ?

Encryption would have to be via an addressable system which would only be installed by firmware upgrading, on model by model case, and there must be at least a hundred different models out there at present

Latest - very few boxes sold now actually have the hardware able to receive encrypted programm content, The Nokia does not have a slot, some units have only a CI slot that (like the Sky box ) is not enabled to detect anything.

Without knowing what encryption might be used, its going to be rather difficult for all the manufacturers making these boxes compatible with the two muxes supposedly able to generate PPV content across the UK

And then there is the question of coverage as a whole, a lot of the country still has trouble receiving the standard output, let alone the two frequencies being talked about

I can see deja vu for UK terrestrial ( again )