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PPV on Original Card



Hi, is it possible to program an original card to view PPV channels ie. 50-55.
I've managed to get the full package working using mkfind.
From the posts I've read I get the feeling that methods to do this do not work anymore

Many thanks



I think that MKF 4.3 can do this.

You go to the PPV section, select Bx, select 'multi' button and a large entry box appears. Paste in 255 codes generated by ITVppvID using the index 61 (I guess this number changes from time to time).

Then write this to the card. It propably will take a while as there are many records to write.



Yeah you are right.. Remember to delete the old codes out first..

But the codes for this month changed about 5 days ago. 61 wont work. They are up to 65 now. (and it goes up by one about the 10th of each month..
If you havent got a code generator then you need to look out for a program called PPVgenerator or something.. its probably on the links folderIt will basically fill your card with values from 65 00 thru 65 FF eg.. 65 00, 65 01, 65 02 etc...
so you can generated these yourself if you cant find the generator.

good luck


Cheers Guys,
I tried this, firstly it looks like the site that used to have itvppvid is down so I wrote my own one eg. 65 00;65 01...65 FF.
When I program the card however it fails about half / two thirds of the way through. It comes back with an error like "unknown message returned" or something like "invalid system key".
The results are not consistent and don't always stop at the same place.

I was resetting/clearing the keys before hand each time.

Towards the end I was getting an "Out of Memory" error. Rebooted/switched off but made no difference.

Any ideas guys? am I doing something obviously wrong?