Prankster Tricks Motor Racing Supremo



A pair of Canadian radio comics, who once tricked singer Britney Spears into agreeing to sing "Let's Make a Hole in One" with Tiger Woods, added auto-racing supremo Bernie Ecclestone to their list of victims.
Fooled into believing he had been called by Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien on Monday, the head of Formula One Management said he wanted Canada to postpone its ban on tobacco advertising because it made it too difficult to stage a Canadian Grand Prix in 2004.

The prank call with Ecclestone, made by practical jokers Marc-Antoine Audette and Sebastien Trudel, was to be aired on Tuesday in its entirety by CKOI, a Montreal radio station.

Canada's Grand Prix organizers told reporters last week that Formula One had informed them that the Montreal race would have to be dropped next year because of the advertising ban, a major source of the sport's revenues.

The prank call also featured the false Chretien asking Ecclestone if there was any chance of him getting a job in Formula One Management after he retires from political life early next year.

"Maybe in North America or something, because we're not strong in North America," Ecclestone answered.