Predator 312


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Predator 312 has been released for the Dragon Cam;

Added support for ORIGINAL NDS cards for Sky Italy and Viasat.
Shamelessly re-used the keyset from DJ MAFFS predator311DJ-updated 07/05/05.
Important: in order for the Sky UK NDS premium channels to work you
need to (apart form subscribing that is..):
-Tell your Dragon the serial number of the original Sky box your card is married to.
You can find this 10-digit number in the menu of your original Sky box,
services->system setup->system details.
You need the SERIAL NUMBER (and NOT the viewing card number!)
Now go to the menu of you Dragon, settings->NDS Box serial.
Here, enter the 10 digit serial number including any leading zeroes.
If your NDS card was already inserted into the Dragon, remove and
re-insert it after changing the Box Serial.
Now you're all set!
Failure to set the box serial will result in movie channels and other premium channels not
Some CA IDs had to be removed to make room for the Sky Italy and Viasat NDS ones...
Some background: a cam has to register the crypto ids it can handle with the receiver.
The standard does not limit the number of crypto ids sent by the cam; however,
in practice many receivers start behaving really weird when the cam sends more than 16.
Unfortunately, this is all done at startup, the cam can not later on change its mind and
register other ids.
For this reason some more obscure IDS have been removed to make room.
HOWEVER, the crypto ids registered by the cam are editable in the binary file.
At position 0x26B0 you will find them, structure is:
- 1 byte, number of CA IDS to register with the receiver.
- 1 byte value 00, do not change.
Then, the CA IDS, 2 byte each, big-endian.
There is room for 31 ids if you want to try if your receiver can handle more than 16.
Don't forget to change the first byte if you add or remove ids.
If you just change existing ids, there is no need to change the first bye.
Just in case you are unsure if you have the right file position:
in this distribution the CA ID structure is
10 -> number of ids, HEXADECIMAL remember....
00 -> Always 00 do not touch
01 00 05 00 17 02 0B 00 4A 70 06 04 06 02 06 22 -> the ca ids
17 62 18 00 06 06 0D 03 0D 00 09 61 09 0F 09 19
00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00

Always check files with DCP first! Do not load files that did not come with
predator.IDs included!!
From this version on, the file "predator.ID" will be included. This file is
for use with the excellent "dcp" software from TuxInBox, and allows you to
check authentic firmware.



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Hi genius5000,
no need to upgrade unless you need added support for sub cards to S*y Italy and Viasat.
I've upgraded and the chennel change seems a little quicker, but I was experiencing occasional problems with playboy with 3.11, with my Echo 3600, if your Dragons working OK with Predator 3.11 stick with it.
Best wishes