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Sky will launch a wave of broadband, video on demand and internet telephone services after buying one of the UK´s biggest broadband access providers.

Easynet has a 4,450km fibre optic network stretching around the UK with links into BT´s national network and access to 18 per cent of British homes.

The £211 million deal will enable Sky to offer the same services as BT, cable companies NTL and Telewest and Homechoice.

First in line will be video on demand, which Sky is already planning to offer to owners of the new 80/80GB Sky+ V3, and the imminent Sky+ HD.

´Push VoD´ will download movies and TV shows via satellite to the new Sky+ hard disc during quiet periods, and will be replaced by ´pull Vod´, where users have huge access to a huge online library via broadband.

Sky+ will also evolve this year into a dual-decoder device which can show different channels in two rooms, and can record up to fours programmes at once. This will be followed by a multi-decoder ´home media server´which can serve several rooms and has almost unlimited storage.

By then, Sky will be offering live TV channels both via satellite and over broadband, like the Homechoice service in London now.

Sky will also expand its current phone service with Voice over IP, which uses the internet to offer cheaper calls to almost anywhere in the world.

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Seems to be the same news as already stated above, but just in case here are various links if the 1st one doesn´t work
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isn't Bill Gates trying to do similar things with next version of Windows?