Prepping a dish for painting...


Bulbs need shelter too...
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Ok, I'm planning to repaint my Lidl dish cos it sticks out like a sore thumb behind my window, so I need some tips on what preparation I'll need to do before I paint the dish plate & arm, obviously I've removed the BSB logo and the bullet hole stickers and will give it a good wash with soap and water. Do I need to lightly sand the surfaces so the paint get's a good hold on the existing coating or on the bare Aluminium pole or should I just spray it after the cleaning?

Also, any suggestions on colour? :D


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try a bright colour like yellow as well as attracting attention you might melt the lmb:-rofl2 only joking
theres no point me trying to hide my dish non of the neighbours like it but they have all obviously checked with the law and found that they can,t do anythink about it its mounted on the corner of the house on tk,s nearly clearing the roof line :D (f*ck them )