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Priests suspended for blessing brothels and s_x shops



Ten priests have been suspended from the Orthodox Church in Romania for blessing brothels and s_x shops.

A TV documentary showed priests receiving thongs and s_x toys in return for giving their blessings.

The Witness, broadcast by the Prima TV channel, featured priests Cristian Matei and Ion Panaite sanctifying a s_x shop in Bucharest city centre.

Another priest, Ion Sasareanu, was filmed while he sanctified a brothel.

Sasareanu was heard saying: "I agree with beautiful brothels where young people can go and do what they want."

The Bucharest Orthodox Bishopric said in a statement: "We are bewildered and saddened by the regrettable acts of the priests."

It added that it congratulated the producers and reporters who worked on the show for helping them rid the church of "unworthy" priests.


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