Private Media puts deals in place for mobile mature content



Global adult entertainment giant Private Media Group has struck its first distribution deals with mass market mobile content providers.
It has also reached informal agreements with several operators to launch content when child protection facilities are in place.
The deals will help usher in the mass-market availability of hardcore mobile mature content, mainly available today through specialist publications like the Daily Sport.
The company has formed distribution deals with Wizcom, part of the Cauldwell Group, Buongiorno Vitaminic, Opera Telecom and Bango, and is close to signing agreements with operators in the UK and Europe.
Private, which runs a flourishing SMS service, has launched its first mobile portal, with video and photo content. Billing is provided by Bango.
'We want to establish this as the official adult portal on people's mobile phones,' said Private's director of wireless David Jarvis.
A mass-market marketing campaign will launch shortly to promote the portal.
The company is looking to white-label the portal for content and service providers and operators, and is in advanced talks with Spanish operator Telefonica Moviles.
Operators, which have talked openly about the possibilities of adult mobile content, have to date shied away from hardcore content, but are finalising an industry code of practice to protect minors from such content.
'Operators in the UK want to work with us when they have their adult policies in place,' claimed Jarvis. 'We will be the primary adult provider.'