problem blue zeta cam broken 3 mins from new

My Satellite Setup
Technomate 1500ci
90 CM Gibertini Alu-Dish
Syntec 2000 0.3dB single LNB
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Hi All
I've just purchased patched blue zeta cam (for use with bundled conex redlight).
I have a TM1500CI+s and it worked very well at first (left feedback)!!!
I was messing around with CI menu(it the first cam and like to experiment) I selected from this menu, one at a time the different encryptions to see if it would open more channels (it did not). All was going well untill i selected (i think) 'XS' crypt and enabled.
After this unable to veiw any 'full' channels and unable to access zeta's CI menu to change back to parameter 'all'

So please is there a quick fix solution, code or patch (i have no programmer yet).
Please don't tell me i've boken this in the first 3 mins (is this a record)? are they that unstable?
Many thanks for any causes (i would like to know why?) or solutions.

Edited to remove broken picture link from another forum A/S
My Satellite Setup
TM1500 super
My Location
somewhere far from nowhere
exactly the same thing happened to my Zeta blue cam using my technomate.I went into the cam menu to play around with the settings after doing that the cam was completely useless it wouldn't clear the full x channels or allow me to get back into the cam settings to change it back to (all) I set my cam back to the shop where I bought it from and the guy set the cam settings back to (all) using a different receiver I assume . if you can try putting the cam into a different make CI satellite receiver to try and change the settings back to (all) or send it back to where you bought it from.I never go into the Zeta blue cam menu any more because I know it will fook it up using my technomate