Problem updating Gemini image that's based on kernel 2.4


Speed Freak
My Satellite Setup
Dreambox 5620, Dreambox 500Si, with universal 3 LNB's and 2X 80cm dish.
My Location
I can't seem to update an image later then the Gemini 1.02, wich as a kernel 2.4.
I think that's because the hardware, but i'm not sure. The DB hardware revision is XE.
I've tried all known ways. By serial, by lan, using root.cramfs, etc.
And nothing works after the Gemini 1.02 image.
And the curious thing is that my neighbour as a 5620s, and i've updated is DB with the latest Gemini image and it works 100%.
The only thing diferent between the two DB's, is that my neighbour's Db was purchased 5 months later.
Everything else is made the same way. The flashing process, the config of the network, the installation of the addons, etc. The software is the same for both.
Mine just doesn't work with Gemini images newer than the 1.02 version.
Is it the hardware revision? Something else?
Can anyone help me?