problem with Condor 7000 (star sat 120D?)



I have a condor 7000 (HW 2.10 / SW 2.55 / E 1.27).
I think it is the clone of starsat 120D. i have try to flash it by following this steps:

1- I have Started the loader(emupgrade) and browse for bin file
sr-x120D (HW 2.10 SW 12.67 E124 )(I downloaded this file from

- Therfore I pressed start button of emupgrade for downloading.- Powered off my receiver from backside and restart again.
the transfert is done correctly by at the end of the transfert a message apperas
: invalid SW version.

2- I have then remove the old software by the file clean.bin.
A new message appears indicate that the opération is done with succes.
After that an error message appears Er 07 and i can have acces to menu

Can any one help me please