Problem With Interstar Dsr8005ci


Alan Pee

Regular Member
I have been having this problem with my Interstar DSR8005CI receiver for about a week now. If I am watching it after about 30-40 mins it will start bleeping off and on as if it is looking for a new signal. It does this for about 5-6 times at intervals of say 5 mins, and then finally goes black. If I unplug it from the mains and plug it again it will come on and work for say another 20 mins and then it will go off completely. I may now have to leave it for about 20 mins again and switch it off and on again from the mains for it to work. I have tried changing the boot to various versions of boot including the boot 130 but no luck. I have also tried various firmware versions including the original Interstar Soft from the official Interstar site. I even tried loading a master soft I got from a site, this helped a bit as it was able to work for much longer before it started the same problem again. Can anyone plse advise me on what to do to recover my STB plse. Thanks