Problems on few channels for Dish TV (India) in Dubai UAE



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I have been using Dish TV (Indian DTH) in Dubai, UAE since last 4 years. I have been observing problems for few channels where it would give an error 301 (the error description sounds like.. the signal is not enough, if its raining, wait till the rain stops etc.. I don't recall the exact error text, but overall it means like I mentioned above). Recently for few channels which I was able to receive earlier I have started getting this message as well and surprisingly for few channels I am getting a message which is something like... " there is no power to the set too box, disconnect the power and restart the STB"

I have following questions..
1. Why this is happening to only select few channels if there is poor signal then it should be the case for all channels.
2. How to fix this? Can I go for a bigger dish (I am using a dish which is a similar size thats used in India or a local DHT provider (like OSN) in UAE. What size of the dish is recommended?
3. Do I need to change the LNB to improve the signal? If yes where can I get it in UAE? Which make/model?
4. Does cable also play an important role? By replacing the cable by some better quality one, will it help?

I have just joined the forum, I am not very technically accurate/updated on this topic, but I can catch up since I am a Telecom Engineer by training.

Thanking in advance for your valuable inputs.



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Hello & welcome to the forum!

The first thing to consider is that lnb's only have a limited life where the lnb gets baked in the sunshine for months on end. An lnb is a precision instrument with delicate electronics inside them - these can soon get out of tolerance in fierce heat - you may find you have to change the lnb every 3 or 4 years to maintain your system.

Not a problem we have here in the UK although in Spain it can be a problem.

If a new lnb doesnt cure it then you need to look to see if the dish has moved at all in gales - it only needs to have been displaced a couple of mm left/right or up/down to reduce the available signal.

Also check to see if the outside cable run has been eroded by weather / sunlight.

And finally its quite possible that Dish has been moving channels around between satellites, or changing channels onto different beams - ones that you physically cant receive in the UAE.