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problems with dual connection faceplate


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tyne and wear
mate of mine using on digital box and digiquest sat receiver
his missus wanted the cables tidying up so I put in a combined sat/ tv outlet from b&q with drop leads to sat box and on dig box
sat and on dig box connect via scart leads to the tv
trouble is if he has the sat box on he looses the signal to the on dig box
he can watch freeview no probs if the sat box is in standby
seems that on the faceplate both screens are commoned
just wondering if looping the tv aerial thro the sat box first then to the on dig box may improve things or will he just have to put the sat box into standby.He had no problems until I put this faceplate in,
anyone come across this problem before
thanks TURNY


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I've had problems with these plates before as well, better to make your own with a couple of "F" barrels and mount them in a blank face plate.