Problems with Swapping Analogue for Digital - Which Receiver ?



Hi all

Up to now I have been using a Kathrein UFD 420 analogue twin receiver with two Kathrein UAS 272 universal twin LNBs on a 90 cm dish, multifeed system directed at Astra 1 and Eutelsat Hotbird. Location is Berlin. Astra reception is perfect, Hotbird always was poor. I had planned to take out a BBC Prime subsciption after BBC reception ceased here. This in mind I had put up the dish on top of a 3 m mast in the garden and had it fine-tuned by a technician for BBC Prime last year during a spell of good whether.

Yesterday I was playing with a new Hyundai HSS-750H digital reveiver and to my surprise only got a few obscure Italian channels on Hotbird, no BBC Prime signal, no standard German channels or anything else. In fact, after conecting the receiver to the Astra 1 LNB, although getting hundreds of channels then, reception of standard German programmes like ARD and ZDF was inferior to analogue reception with old UFD 420.

Is it the receiver? All because of the whether?

As the analogue age comes to its end I would like to install a new digital twin receiver with HDD that can manage under all whether conditions.

Can anybody advise me?