Problems with twin lnb: dvb card + receiver



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Well here is my latest problem.

Today I managed to get the wire from my computer accross the attic and out onto the roof into the 2nd port on my Smart twin universal lnb.

There is a strange problem with it though. I only seem to be able to access all vertically polarised tp's, and no horizontal ones. Why is this? The other receiver (fortec 5600v2) works flawlessly, working on all tp's.

I have had the fortec on a horizontal tp and the dvb card on a vertical tp. I have even tried switching the cables round on the ports, incase it was an lnb fault. Is it anything to do with the 2nd receiver being plugged in? Or is it more likely to be a config fault on the computer? I am thinking along the lines of there not being an 18v signal being sent for some reason.

Thanks for any help


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Certainly sounds like you do not have polarity switching by voltage set up in the DVB software.