Problems with viaccess keys on flashed irdeto freecam



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I have an irdeto freecam that can be flashed to viaccess on the goodies menu. A few questions:

1. I realise that viaccess keys in decimal are 32 digits and the freecam only allows for 30. Is there a way round this using the remote or do I need a viaccess gold card?

2. I tried entering viaccess hex keys from la-cafetera by converting them into 30 digit decimal keys. Nothing cleared. Can this technique be used?

3. Does anyone know of an up to date irdeto/freecam keys site? The most recent I can find are March 2004 and these don't appear to work. Should they? Would the codes already entered by the previous owner (bought receiver and cam from ebay) be a problem? (my guess is that his keys have expired as I can only get FTA channels on 13 and 19 East).

Total novice to keys so any help would be much appreciated.