program for multiple pid entries



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i am doing some feed hunting here in tenerife.
there are 4 channels that i am trying to locate,
all FTA.up until now i have managed to get the
pids from a friend of a friend,but no more.the signal and
symbol rate remains the same,but the pids change every
month.atm i am working with a channel editor for a strong
6155. if i can enter all the pid values from 0001 until 9999
then i will be able to find these channels.the first pid and the
last pid are always the same.i know that the audio pid value
would not work on the same channel as the video pid if both values are the same.but as long as i have the pids programed into the receiver its just a
matter of going through the channels to get the audio.
my first problem is the strong 6155 only holds about 4000 channels,
so i would have to use the channel editor twice or three times in turn to
get the 9999 channels.
my second problem is that it takes so long to enter all the pids manually
into the channel editor.
does any body know an easier way or program i can enter all these pids?
thanks in advance.
ps,i¨ve also got a couple of technomate receivers i can use.