Programming Dragon Loader Card

Hi, Im new to this and have read plenty of threads without any luck, i have a t-rex cam and i am trying to update the dragon F84a Loader Card with an infinity usb phonix compatible programmer, My questions are:

Do I require a serial and usb connection for this programmer as i cannot get dragonload to work as its asking to open com ports.

I have successfully (i think) used the usb software that come with the programmer to program predator, when i put in the receiver it updates successfully but doesnt seem to do anything afterwards, says no smart card.

I had the usb software on autodetect so i think i will have to re-program the flash file, which should this be FUN7LDR.HEX?

Any help would be much appreciated.


Hi Peter, I cannot answer the question on the Infinity programmer.

But, to load the cam you need to put you receiver on an FTA (e.g. BBC World) switch off the receiver
take out the cam and insert the loader card
insert the cam
switch on and go to CI menu
you should see Dragon Loader (not the version number)
then just follow the on screen instructions

If the loader card is the problem there is a '' file available on some sites that has both the Fun7 and the Pic (F84A) flash files and instructions on how to load it.

Good luck.


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You need a USB cable to power the programmer, the actual programming is done through the serial cable. The latest software supports programming throught the usb port so you don't need to use serial. You should use the *.dra file if you have the dragon loader card.