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Dear cam experts at the present I have a Dragon Cam which has been great for the last 2 years. Now recently in the last week it looks like its shelf life to open PREMIERE is coming to an end. I read that T-Rex Supermodule V4.6 and other cams have PREMIERE working. I would like to invest in the T-Rex Supermodule V4.6. My questions are

1) Will I need a new loader card or will by current 'dragon loader' card will be ok?
2) Can it be programmed with the 'dragon load' software and the single .dra file <thats the method i used for the dragon cam>



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The T-Rex 4.6 is programmed in exactly the same way as the older Dragon Cams using your loader card, you just load a Predasaur file instead of a Predator file.
A better buy, at the moment, is the Diablo Cam, although you will need a Cas 2 or Cas 3 to program it, but it has a lot more support, than the T-Rex 4.6, also currentlyopens Premiere and is also opening TPS on hotbird.