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Hey guys I have a question about mounting my dish. I live in an apartment with a big balcony. Top floor, so I have a free sight to the West and till about WSW 250 deg. I can also mount the dish so that goes over the top pf the house and get an angle in which ever direction I want and I might have to. this is take some more work however.

I live in Stockholm, Sweden and I'm trying to reach the the stuff at 43 45 west and other stuff from the U.S.

Can any signals be reached with my WSW 250 Deg, angle?

Later, Nic
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How bigs your balcony: because you`ll need a big Dish
What your looking at is in KUband frequency mid 2.44s and you`ll` need about a 1.8 dish (ive tried myself) and got it with a 1.2 (gregorian dish i borrowed) being gullable i was told sky feeds were on that Sat in the clear, when mostly news feeds
and army forces progs) a load of shite. Dave.

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There is not that much on the Panamsat at 43.0 and 45 .0 West only the CNN and Fox news channels , even the Fox sports channels had gone last time I looked.

The C Band channels are generally on transponder footprints into latin America and are generally not for reception in European locations.


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