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Dear All

I hope all of u r doing fine not like me :(. I em having a pro that I em using star track World in box II+CI with 8 feet moveable dish of fiber. All of my system is working fine but one day when I switch one my TV. I can`t see any thing there is 0% Signal quality but when I Check the signal strength its appx. 80% to 95%. I move the dish to all possible direction but there is not any picture simple black screen. After that I contacted my local cable man and he told me to change the cable. I do so but same pro lies then he (cable man) asked me that we have to set the Ark of the dish and he is asking the amount which was charged to set a whole new satellite TV setup. I need you people assistance in this regard. Could you please tell that is he saying the right stuff ( Ark Problem) or there is some thing else and secondly if I want to set the Ark on my own. How can I do so?

Your assistance in this regard is highly appreciated.

With Regards

Ali Baba